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You Can Now Cover Your Honda With Up To 10 Years Of Warranty

Dubbed as Anytime Warranty, it comes with a few terms and conditions.

When you purchase a car, the dealership usually offers extended warranty as an add-on. If purchased, it tops up the standard warranty by a couple of years (at least) and raises the odometer threshold as well. Like all players in India, Honda is also offering such packages. However, it also has something called Anytime Warranty. As the name suggests, it gives the flexibility to the customer to reinstate manufacturer’s warranty even after the standard or extended cover expires.

Enticing, isn’t it? Well, it comes with a few eligibility conditions attached. At any given moment, Honda’s Anytime Warranty dials in coverage of 1 year/20,000 km. The point is that one cannot purchase it for multiple years in one go. Then comes the eligibility part. The vehicle’s age (from the policy start date) should be less than ten years, and the odometer reading must not exceed 120,000 km from the time of vehicle purchase.

As you’d expect, the prices for Anytime Warranty packages increase with the age of the vehicle. However, the cost also depends on the car’s service history and whether the standard/extended warranty has expired. What Honda has done is predefine two customer categories. One, who owns a vehicle with an active warranty and proper service record. Two, who’s car doesn’t have an active warranty and improper service record. A quick calculation shows that depending on the model, an owner who falls in the second category could pay between 10-13 per cent more for Anytime Warranty than the one in the first category.

Honda is also offering Anytime Warranty packages on models like Mobilio and conventionally-powered Accord, both of which are not in production anymore. The least expensive package is for the Brio. Surprisingly, it is the CR-V diesel on the other end of the scale and not the Accord Hybrid. What do you think of this valued-added service from Honda?

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