You can now create Rank polls on DriveTribe

2w ago


If you have always wanted to know what is DriveTribe's second favourite car, today is your lucky day: meet Rank polls.

What are rank polls?

Rank polls are polls (duh) that let the voter choose their answers in a ranked order.

I've been waiting for this my whole life. How do I create one?

Go to Studio using a desktop computer and click on NEW POST. Then, select POLL. You will see a beautiful new SELECT POLL TYPE menu. Click on RANK.

Add a header, a headline, and your rank options. Each of them should contain an image and short phrase describing them. To add more options, click on ADD AN ANSWER.

Once you're done, pick a relevant Tribe and hit PUBLISH. That was easy, huh? :)

I still don't understand. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. Leave a comment below or DM any staff.

Have fun ranking things!

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