You can now fix that annoying Discovery plate angle

1y ago


Remember when the Land Rover Discovery came out and we went all went a bit 'errr' when we saw the number plate positioning? It was then followed by Land Rover's designer Gerry McGovern blaming the design of the number plates being fitted and not well the design.

Now your eyes won't look away in disgust anymore because tuning company Startech have come up with a 'solution' by creating a part called Startech boot lid insert which does the simple job of positioning the number plate in the middle. And I have to agree that it looks so much better!

So if you're Da iscovery owner, the part will be available from January 2018 for €809,20 (which does include VAT). You can request to purchase it from HERE.

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Comments (4)
  • This improves it. The whole car does look very simular to the new ford explorer though. Giving question have they really cut ties with ford?

    10 months ago
  • 809k?? that's a bit much for, to be honest, a very minor aestetic change

    1 year ago
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