You can now get your Lamborghini with infinite customisations

Including diamond dust paint

Lamborghini created the Ad Personam customisation programme to "give shape to every desire through the choice of infinite combinations, from colors to materials, from the seat logo sewn by hand rather than printed, to the initials embroidered inside the passenger compartment, as well as satisfying requests to reproduce a color on sample". And when they say 'every desire', they mean it.

With Lambo's Ad Personam - which is basically the equivalent of Aston's Q or Bentley by Mulliner - customers can create their own hue starting from 348 different colour options, including diamond dust hues, which are created by adding diamond micro crystals to the paint.

Lamborghini says that up to 20% of all American buyers request custom colours, followed by customers in the Asia-Pacific region and then EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). According to Lambo, Rosso Efesto is the most popular colour in the Asia Pacific region, Verde Alceo is EMEA's favourite while Blu Cepheus is the most popular choice with American customers.

On top of all that, you can have your favourite logo, symbol, image - anything you like - embossed, debossed, sewn-in, hand-stitched or embroidered in the upholstery.

The latest addition to Ad Personam is something called 'colour families, five different 'families' of colours based on personality traits: Sportiva, Contemporanea, Eclettica, Classica and Tecnica.

There's the Sportiva family, for those who have "a bold personality with a youthful spirit", comprising different shades of yellow, orange, green and purple; the Contemporanea, which combines "elegant and sophisticated style with the appeal of sport technology", and it includes shades of red, blue and white; the Eclettica, for those who seek "freshness, innovation and flair", featuring shades of blue, purple and Oro Elios (gold); the Classica, which comprises orange, blue, green and Amaranto, which is a mixture between burgundy and red and then finally the Tecnica, "designed for performance enthusiasts", including shades of blue, black and yellow.

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  • Would they do an ad personam rb26 swap??

      15 days ago
  • proof that Lambo is the best supercar company when it comes to colors!

      16 days ago
  • Like what!

      17 days ago
  • Would they allow chassis modification? πŸ˜›

      17 days ago