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You can now make your Ferrari GTC4Lusso look like a Ferrari 412

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That's right, you can now pay a lot of money to have a modern Ferrari 412. The Ferrari 412 is one of the most controversial designs to come from Ferrari in it's history and now, a coach builder called Ares Design will build you a new 412 using the GTC4Lusso as a base.

The work done by Ares Design is insane when you look at the details. Very little of the original GTC4Lusso remains with a completely redesigned exterior and interior. The car is currently called 'Project Pony' and makes good use of the GTC4Lusso's AWD system and 690bhp naturally aspirated V12 which means the 'Project Pony' will be quick as well as stylish.

The interior is also a work of art too. Yes, they used the GTC4Lusso's interior as a base and then they completely redesigned the interior from the ground up. A few people have said that the regular interior doesn't feel special enough but what Ares Design has done, is something truly special.

They've managed to combine the tech and luxury of the GTC4Lusso but combines it with 1970s inspired dashboard design.

The rear end of 'Project Pony' is pretty cool too. The design is a good mix of the 412 and the GTC4Lusso and works really well.

This coach built Ferrari looks absolutely stunning and it should look even better in person. I couldn't find any pricing on Ares Design's website but when you account the price of the GTC4Lusso (about £300,000) and the sheer amount of work Ares Design will have to do, expect it to come close to £1 million.

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