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You can now order scissor doors for your C8 Corvette

Look, the C8 Corvette isn't a supercar, in the same way that a hot rod isn't a Formula One car. Sure it's just as fast in a straight line, but get to the technical stuff, and both will fall to pieces.

Supercars are inherently over-engineered and built beyond all expectations for quality and perfection. But Chevy is not known for quality and perfection, Chevy is known for panel gaps, and poorly-made interiors.

But still, as Corvette enthusiasts scream "hallelujah!" in the face of Ferrari, there is a company that believes that the C8 still has room to grow in the 'Supercar department.'

Describing themselves as an aftermarket purveyor of "Lambo Doors," Eikon Motorsports have just unveiled their "Lambo Door pack" for the C8 Corvette.

The Arizona based company will charge you just $3,000 for the doors plus $1,300 for installation. The kit uses hinges manufactured by Vertical Doors, Inc, and comes with all the bespoke mounting hardware, which bolts onto the Corvette's factory bolt pattern, making the mod completely reversible.

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