You can now play Scalextric on Xbox One

The classic toy has made the leap from mobile to console.

2y ago

Scalextric was one of the best toys for petrolheads growing up and now there is an Xbox One version that has just gone on sale.

Developer Sabec Racing's digital version of the track-based slot-racing toy, which first appeared in the 1950s, was originally available on Android and iOS. Now you can buy it from the Microsoft Store.

Brings back memories...

Brings back memories...

The tenner Scalextric costs gets you 3D tracks to race along, which you can build yourself completely from scratch so no two layouts are the same or make use of the 12 pre-existing 'World race' ones.

You can then choose from four 'classic' Scalextric cars, which can be upgraded. Yes, that seems like a relatively measly selection, but then perhaps more cars will be added at a later date. Races can take place against your friends locally or the artificial intelligence.

During a race it is possible to change the point of view so you can make it more akin to how you would play it in real life. You can even set it to night mode, which means you can make use of the toy car's headlights.

The jury's out on whether Scalextric on Xbox One is worth the money as we are yet to play it, but at least it spares you the hassle of having to reattach your car to the slot every time you spin off.

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