You can now play Tetris on a dashboard because safety comes last

Have ever wanted to play vintage video games on your dashboard? well now you can as long as you live in Russia

3y ago

The Tetris video game is a classic title that blitzed the arcade and growing home-console market in the 1980’s. The creation of Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov, it was the first entertainment software title to be imported from the Soviet Union to the US, and now you can play it your dashboard.

Tetris as we know it

Tetris as we know it

One minor catch though is that the dashboard in question has to belong to a GAZelle Next van or truck, and that to access it you will need to run through a rather long and complex sequence using the truck's controls which could be considered a very dangerous thing to do on the road.

Once you can access the game, you get to play a mini version of Tetris in full two-colour green on the dial-cluster digital display. Why would you want to do this? I hear you ask, well, because it’s awesome and probably quite a dangerous thing to do while driving.

What we really want to know is how did anyone discover this? Even more important, why do this in the first place? We would guess the ‘why’ is because it’s awesome and because of Russia and because Tetris needed to make a small screen comeback. As for the how, well we guess the very clever developer is a massive fan of block related gaming on the move and doesn’t care much for safety.

Is Tetris on the move a thing you’d want to see in the dashboard of all cars? Or is it just downright dangerous? Join the #lol live chat to discuss.

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  • here is the answer from GAZ Group - this program is used for testing quality of LCD and connections. The function doesn't work on moving car and the manufacturer suggests not to play Tetris at all at dashboard - it can cause malfunctions of buttons

      3 years ago