- More SnowRunner maps, more objects to deliver

Y​ou can now play the latest SnowRunner maps

P​hase 4 is now on the Public Test Server, meaning keen truckers can now sample the new Russia Amur Oblast region in all of its harsh and snowy glory.

23w ago

I​t seems like only yesterday SnowRunner arrived, giving us gamer folk something to do as the brunt of lockdown was felt. This was the sleeper hit of 2020 and it continues to chug along nicely with the latest update.

T​hose with a copy of the PC version of SnowRunner and a gaming PC capable of running more than just Microsoft Paint can download the latest Public Test Server (PTS) build and then roam around the very remote far east Amur Oblast region of Russia.

D​elivering cargo will not be easy in a place with dangerously icy roads, cliff-top pathways, gruelling snow, truck-swallowing mud and, most painful of all, tree stumps. The overall aim is to help launch a rocket to space, which would make Elon Musk proud.

A​s I say in the video, PTS builds are incomplete and Phase 4 is especially new. So there will be bugs and other issues, but from what I've seen so far the four new maps (all 2x2 kilometres in size) are in working condition.

T​ruckers will be pleased to know there are four new trucks, too, at the time of writing this article, as well as new features, new Trials challenges, random bottles of spirits (no joke) and new addons.

I​nterestingly, this is the last promised DLC for the Season Pass. So what happens after this is a mystery. I mean, it wouldn't take a member of Mensa to envision more paid DLC content before an inevitable sequel.

A​nyway, go enjoy what is as opposed to what could be. SnowRunner console players will have to wait a month or so before the official release date, which is still to be confirmed. And will likely remain that way such is the nature of the Microsoft and Sony update approval process.

Expect plenty more SnowRunner Phase 4 videos on the A Tribe Called Cars YouTube. You could subscribe, but let's not get to presumptive. Stay safe.

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