You can now unlock the Cadillac XT4 with your face

Plot twist: this feature is only available in China.

Well, we've now reached a new type of crazy in the auto-industry. You can now unlock YOUR CAR with YOUR FACE. I'm starting to become convinced that automakers are trying to make cars more like smartphones.

Cadillac calls this the "ultimate keyless experience", and I don't blame them. I mean take a second to process that you will be able to unlock your car with your face. That's just insanity! It's identical to iPhone's Face ID, in the sense that you can unlock the car during the day, night, rain, and any other time you typically would unlock your phone.

Here's how it works: there's a dual camera using infrared image technology, with an adaptive flashing light. As you approach the vehicle, a touchscreen on the B pillar appears, and the camera will then scan the driver's face. Once the car has identified its you and not your German cousin, it'll unlock the doors and fire up the engine. All of this is done with your face, mind you.

Wrap it up

Here's the issue: this feature is only available in China, for RMB 10,000, or ($1,480). And while that is a pretty big issue as most of the readers of this article are in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, I wouldn't be too bothered, since as long is its discovered that this feature doesn't sell your face to the Chinese government, it'll probably make its way into the States in a few years time.

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