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You can order a Ram TRX 6x6 from Hennessey staring this friday!

It has 1200 horsepower!

3w ago


As you know Hennessey is fond of turning popular trucks into 6x6s and making them more powerful than they already were. This time they are taking the all new Ram TRX and tuning it to have 1,200 horsepower, instead of 702 horsepower which was already crazy enough! Only three will be built and tuned from Hennessey and they will cost $500,000 each! which is just insane!

The TRX will obviously have six wheels now and a epic front bumper bull bar. It will also have upgraded off-road suspension to tackle whatever challenges you throw at it. The lights will be upgraded to better LEDs and there will be elephant logos on the sides of the TRX.

Thats all I have for you today on this truck, but that's all you need to know to be sure of how insane this 6x6 truck will be. Hennessey claims its the most expensive and exclusive truck ever made. If you are interested just dial 800-897-0426 and Hennessey will know your interested!

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