You can own a Ferrari California for £23,000...sort of

It's not the best I've ever seen...

13w ago

Scrollig through the classifieds on eBay is one of my favourite things to do. You will come across all manor of things, great and well...crap.

In this instance, I stumbled across a Lexus SC430 disguised as a Ferrari California for £23,450. It's a good effort but not that convincing.

This is labelled as a 'super rare replica' and was recently resprayed in 'Rosso Corsa', whic is an actual Ferrari colour. And as it started life as an SC430, it still has a 4.3L V8 which puts out around 300hp, just over 200hp less than a real California.

One of the biggest give-aways that this is fake, if you can't already tell from the looks is the 2003 numberplate. As you will probably know, this generation of California was not made then, but it's nothing a private plate couldn't fix...

This car has also featured twice in magazines as being a good replia, and to their credit, it isn't awful but I would much rather have the Lexus underneath. And with a £23,000 asking price, I would much rather get a tatty old Lexus.

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Comments (22)

  • I went on the Internet and found this! @tribe

      2 months ago
    • Why did you direct me to this awfulness?? Shame!! 😂

        2 months ago
    • I'm gonna have to report you for "misusing tribe calls to direct users toward potentially disturbing content and stupid kit cars". It's the LAWWWW

        2 months ago
  • I seriously question what people are thinking when they do this. Let’s say £10k for the original car, £20k of mods to sell it for £23k. This owner did this because they cheaped out and didn’t buy an actual Ferrari, look like a dick driving it and now he knows that wants to get rid of it.

    It looks hideous too!

      2 months ago
    • I totally agree, but I guess some people are just like that. I don’t see what could’ve been wrong with that Lexus? I’d much rather have that!

        2 months ago
    • Agree, the Lexus was fine as it was before.

        2 months ago
  • I featured this in one of my bad replicar quizzes lol.

      2 months ago
  • By the way, it’s mouth looks like one of those women who have plastic surgery on their lips to over inflate. Horrendous!!!

      2 months ago
  • Ay ay ay...

      2 months ago