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You Can Rally A Double-Decker Bus (on Assetto Corsa)

And it's not even the wildest idea Jimmy Broadbent has done in simulators

39w ago

Thanks to advancements in computer processing power, we can now enjoy nearly-realistic approximations of driving physics and control in racing games and simulations. It also means that, on a whim, a player can take a bus to a rally stage.

So Jimmy Broadbent did just that, and took this guy's mod of a 12-ton Alexander double-decker bus and pointed it at your ordinary run-o-the-mill rally stage. Amazingly enough, it actually (barely) fits the width of the stage, though the bus being as tall as the trees by the side of the road is a liability whenever Jimmer gets stuck. Still, he does manage to pull up to 80km/h at some points in this trip, which looks like an ordinary route for these buses to take.

And that'ts not even the most insane thing Jimmer has tried in a sim. Remember this?

He manhandled a whole mining truck round a Nordschleife that was evidently getting flattened by the thing. Other escapades include him racing his own shed, a V10-powered kart and whatever this is, as well playing DiRT Rally 2 AND Gran Turismo 2 using a plastic guitar controller, using inverted inputs, and rock climbing.

But don't be fooled: he's won Le Mans and the Indy 500 on iRacing, meaning he's way closer to completing the Triple Crown in a sim than many of us are and shows quiet the breadth of consistency. He's also traded paint with F1 drivers back when we only had sims to tide us over. In the process, he's grown to become a leading figure in sim-racing and is competent enough to both enter a 24-hour kart race and go right at the upper echelons of TopGear's GT86 leaderboard, as well as be invited in places no mortal car fan ever gets to go.

There's a reason why many of us are subscribed to his channel and look forward to his sim adventures (or even real-life tuning adventures). Jimmer's one of us, yet also represents the best of us.

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  • Niels 20,000 hp double decker when

      9 months ago
    • 10,000hp per deck. We're going to need a boat engine.

        9 months ago
  • The Wanglebork can do it all!

      9 months ago
  • Rolls over on a 6 left turn

      9 months ago
  • Class


      8 months ago
  • Wait WHAT

      9 months ago