You can't see the street, but it's there even if this is at night. This old Chevy pickup with a diesel and a winch is there too, in all its spray painted camouflage glory.

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  • these other photos are great too! and yeah, I do adore my 50mm tak

      4 years ago
  • Thanks man! This was shot on a Canon AE-1 program. I was playing around with double exposures, hence the light trails. Film is Kodak Tri-X pushed to 1600 and developed at home in Coffee. If you like, check out the tribe I just started for film pictures of cars . I've got a few up there taken with a Spotmatic and 50mm Takumar like I believe you have

      4 years ago
  • oh man this is super cool! what did you shoot this on?

      4 years ago