You could add JFK's limo collection to your personal garage

You could even buy the limo that the former US president used before his last ever speech

43w ago

Two classic presidential limos are going up for auction later this month during the "Bonhams' American Presidential Experience" in New York on October 14 and they were both used by arguably the most popular and well known US president of them all: John F. Kennedy.

We begin with the 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Executive Limousine, in black, which he used for personal trips around Washington DC. It features bulletproof doors, passenger air controls and a divider and in-built phone. The car was comprehensively restored and it is expected to fetch $200,000-300,000.

The other car, the designated "Limo One", is a white 1963 Lincoln Continental convertible that President Kennedy used on the morning of November 22, 1963 when he delivered his last ever speech at the Hotel Texas in downtown Forth Worth. Full disclosure, this is not the car that was carrying the president during the assassination but it was indeed impounded as evidence before being modifying and put back in service for 13 more years.

After being retired, it sat untouched at the Henry Ford Museum and it was then restored by Baker Restoration of Putnam, Connecticut. The engine was rebuilt and the car was resprayed but the interior is still in original condition. Bonhams gave it an estimated value of $300,000-500,000.

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  • So that’s not the Dallas Lincoln? 😳

      9 months ago
  • Yes, you could add jfk’s motor to your livery. But that would also mean “adding” family :)

    And of course every family has an uncle. And Uncle Ted isn’t a bloke ya want around your daughters.

    Uncle Ted likes to wind up his dates with alcohol - as well himself - and then offer to drive them home, only to inevitably “crash” into a bridge and drown the poor damsel now in distress...

      9 months ago
  • hmmmmmmmmm. These arent the ones he was shot in are they??

      9 months ago
  • I bet you could Marilyn Monroe’s DNA on the back seat if you looked hard enough. If you used a black light in that car, it would look like Hugh Hefner’s bedroom 😱

      9 months ago
  • Nope.

      9 months ago