You could bag yourself this fully-fledged Hoonigan Fiesta ST

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Hoonigan is a very well-known American Motorsport team that focuses mainly on International and American Rally and Rallycross championships. The reason for its fame is the involvement of a certain Ken Block who is Team Principal for the iconic outfit.

Most of the team’s cars are modified Ford hatchbacks such as the Focus RS that raced in the FIA WRX and the Fiesta ST that competes in a number of series around the world. Now, one lucky person will get the chance to own a Fiesta ST similar to the car Hoonigan races. The only difference is that this one is road legal.

In fact, a modified Ford Focus ST has appeared on American AutoTrader that looks identical to the Hoonigan car. Not is it finished off in an amazing paint scheme, it also features a body kit taken straight from the R5 rally car. The wider front wheel arches and aggressive grille give it unique road presence whilst the rear wing and roof scoop show that it means business.

It’s most definitely not a case of all show and no tell either. In fact, this ST has been boosted to an impressive 327hp and 454Nm of torque thanks to an MRT Rally exhaust, a Garrett Turbo GTX2 and a Hennessey Racing tune. Furthermore, with a racing clutch and quick short shift six speed gearbox, the 0-60mph time is surely pretty fast.

Being a thorough bred rallycar, there aren’t any creature comforts inside this beast. In fact, the interior has been stripped out for weight saving purposes featuring hardcore bucket seats, four-point harnesses and a full rollcage. Luckily, the dashboard has remained in place so the driver can listen to the best tunes whilst bombing around their local racetrack.

The element of the car that interests me the most though, is the hydraulic handbrake that grows out of the floor of the car next to the shifter. One can only imagine the amount of fun this car could offer.

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Comments (4)
  • I would love to have a go with that sequential manual transmission- I’ve always wanted to try one out

    4 months ago
    3 Bumps
    • Yes! Although, I think that it would be useless on public roads.

      4 months ago
    • I'm not sure.. my motorcycle is sequential, as most bikes, but I'm not sure how itd feel in a car. Its definitely gonna be a jittery ride til you get it figured out though xD

      4 months ago
      1 Bump
  • Hideous, utterly hideous, the first thing it needs is a repainting, a nice single colour, this “Jackson Pollock’s Vomit” paint has got to go!

    4 months ago
    2 Bumps


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