You could be more like Clarkson with this restored vintage Lamborghini tractor

There are far worse ways to spend £19,000

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Forget Clarkson, Kaleb and that posh land agent whose name we've forgotten – the real star of Clarkson's Farm was undoubtedly Jeremy's huge Lamborghini tractor. It spent the first half of the series being abused for its height and girth, struggling to fit into the various nooks and garages dotted around Jeremy's farm. It was a fencepost-smashing beast, although at £40,000 second-hand, the R8 270 DCR probably isn't going to ever be described as an 'entry level' machine.

But now you can get your hands on a Lambo tractor of your own for a far more reasonable £19,000. And this one's absolutely gleaming… and very close to being painted in Gulf colours.

Born before the Miura

Yup, this gorgeous Lamobrghini 1R is going up for sale. It's undergone a full restoration since being pulled out of a dusty Italian barn in Treviso, and we're rather taken by it.

First registered in 1963 (that's three years before the Miura went into production), it has just over 3,000km on the clock and looks ready to take you and your mates to the pub, or do some ploughing. Or both, depending on how bawdy your local pub is.

Powered by a 1.5-litre, air-cooled twin-cylinder diesel engine and a four-speed manual, it's about as far away from the computerised powertrains of modern tractors as you can get.

Finally, a Lambo that won't be pinging off the limiter at 10pm in Knightsbridge

Finally, a Lambo that won't be pinging off the limiter at 10pm in Knightsbridge

It's been fully stripped down, cleaned and sandblasted, any duff bodywork has been straightened and welded, and it's been finished in original Lamborghini colours. Yup, it turns out that the brand with the bull on its logo hasn't ever been shy and retiring. Who knew?

The engine's been stripped and rebuilt with new injectors, belts and gaskets, and one of the cylinder heads has been replaced. The brakes have been bled through with new oil, and the pumps have been adjusted to give you half a chance of stopping before ploughing through the side of your grain store. All the wiring harnesses have been replaced too, and the whole thing fires into life courtesy of a new starter motor. In short, it should run as well as it looks.

It's going up for auction at Car and Classic from 19 November. You'll need to collect it from Jesolo in northern Italy, but it sounds like a great excuse for a roadtrip doesn't it? You just need to tell your family: "I'm just going to Italy to pick up my new Lambo'"…

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Comments (9)

  • A Lamborghini in a somewhat gulf livery, definitely a good way to spend £19,000

      19 days ago
  • cant wait to see a burnout lol

      19 days ago
  • I'm more of a little gray fergie man. Here is mine, No tax or MOT needed, and you can pick a really good one up for £2000. Its much safer too as its got three point linkage, so it wont try and flip over on you when the thing your pulling suddenly gets stuck.

      16 days ago
  • Im not into tractors but I love this

      18 days ago
  • I have to say, that's one handsome looking tractor!

      16 days ago