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Ever so often you meet someone who can NOT understand why you would enjoy a road trip. They shudder at the slightest mention of the words. For them "fun" and "car" are opposite of each other. I don't have to look far to find this person: every other day we enjoy dinner as a family, I see my brother:

Driving to him is a mere tool. It's the easiest way to get from A to B with a short stop at C. Why drive with a car on holiday when you have to think far less on a train? There are NO traffic jams on the railway - someone has never used Lewisham before. The Großglockner Hochalpenstraße is an unnecessary twiddly stretch of road for him.

On bleak and dark days I can see his point. Day in and day out you drive an auto to and from work. After work you're tired and don't have the nerve to explore twisty roads. On top of that, the mundane part of life creeps into every aspect of it. After three months of only going to that one place, you are able to drive the distance with your eyes closed ....

There must be something to break out of this hellish, er, hell!

After all cars are brilliant and clever. They improve, look good, and make loud and fun noises. They're somewhere between your best friend and your sweet grandma who protects you. The reason why roads have curves is because they're fun! And because it makes it easier to get up and down a mountain, but MOSTLY FUN!

Of course, go on a road trip and see exotic place would solve this once and for all. Sadly, you're not always able to go on a lengthy road trip with your pretty better half, and an even prettier sports car. Time and money are a thing, and often a rare thing as well. Race tracks are shockingly rare, and race days are a myth.

The car is supposed to give you the liberty to go anywhere in the world. You only need to get in it, step on the throttle and launch yourself into an adventure. Yet, it doesn't because you can't. You can't drive to Rome on a hunch. You don't quite know where it is, or if your MOT is up to date there. Don't forget that all your underwear needs cleaning and you STILL need to fix that boiler ...

And yet, there is a solution. It is so shockingly simple, it's almost bizarre. Take the evening you'd usually spend counting the lint in your belly button get into your car and explore your area instead!

I did not go on a road trip last year. I had a lovely time exploring the back roads, discovering a village I didn't know existed, and finding a goat park.

This is a motoring tribe

There was a fun road right next to a military testing ground. I could fling my car into corners, hop around on gravel roads and watch the dusty cloud I just created as it was carried away by the wind.

Finally you can use the car in the way it is meant to be used nowadays: for fun!

Get into it, and create your own adventure. Don't bother about a plan, drive on roads that you would not think about using on a daily commute. Gravel and rarely used roads are your friend. The road you saw at the intersection but you never knew where it went? Time to explore it. Every day you drive under this bridge but do not have the slightest how to get on it? Figure it out, there must a road somewhere. Ever wondered where that gravel road leads? What's stopping you?

Take your trusted automobile and simply go on an adventure and see what happens!

Like I said: a motoring tribe

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