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Today in the world of GT3 racing you mainly see one kind of car, the German kind, specifically the Mercedes AMG GT3 Audi R8 and Porsche 911, for reference just look up any racing series with GT3 cars in it, you would see a huge portion of AMGs, R8s and 911s in it with occasionally a Ferrari or a Lamborghini sprinkled in there. However, that is not to say it is all German or Italian cars, if you squint your eyes you can see some big boats known as the Bentley Continental or another rare German boat aka the BMW M6. You can even find some Aston Martins and Mclarens. But to find a Japanese car there, you would really have to squint very very hard as there aren't alot of them, they are mostly found in Super GT, with foreign cars in Super GT being a minority, there you would find Nissan GTRs, Honda NSXs and the Lexus RC F dominating the field along with some really odd cars that race under the GT300 class that these GT3 cars race under in Super GT, just take a look below.

Among all of those cars pictured above, the car I want to focus on is that red Toyota Prius looking thing, now I am aware that this car is not new to quite a big number of you as Top Gear and many other motoring websites have covered this box of weirdness since they first started racing in 2012. But if you do not know what this thing is, let me try my best to explain, or you can watch a video made by Triple Crown Racing on Youtube by clicking on these words, but before that, take a look at a couple of pictures of this Prius and do not tell me this thing is not the coolest thing ever.

Tell me more about the car

Now the Prius itself, this car is built by APR Racing in Japan and what they do is take a normal Prius, keep the A- and B-pillars, half of the roof, some of the floor pan and elements of the front bulkhead and then throw it away, replacing the rest with composite materials, add awesome fender flares that will make Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny drool at the sight of it and because it is a race car, add a HUGE wing at the back that can make any 17 year old's jaw drop. Now, I mentioned all of the body work to make it look and go like a race car around a corner, but I have not mentioned the most important thing, the engine. Sadly the 4 cylinder engine just will not cut the mustard instead, the early generations of this car had a Toyota LMP1 engine in it, that is because for the JAF GT300 class(The class the Prius and the Subaru BRZ race under), the teams are allowed to take any engine of the manufacturer's they race under, so in the case of the Prius, APR Racing used a Toyota LMP1 V8 used in the Toyota TS030, later using a V6 instead but now it uses a Lexus RC F V8(of course tuned for the Prius specially) along with the stock hybrid system from the Prius initially, now it uses the hybrid system from the Camry. The engine was initially mounted in the middle of the car however due to new rules in 2018 saw the 2019 Prius mount the engine in the front, both generations of the car were AWD, with the electric motor driving the front wheels and the engine driving the rear wheels, just like the current Toyota TS050. Also ironically, this hybrid is the loudest car in Super GT currently, louder than the AMG and R8 that race along side the Prius which I found hilarious.

Why they should I buy this over a GTR GT3?

The main reason I think Toyota should sell this along side he RC F is because well...look at it, it just looks cool, also it would make the grid more interesting, especially when you see a Toyota Prius racing wheel to wheel with a Lamborghini Huracan.

Won't it be a little to quick for GT3 racing?

If you think having a mini LMP1 hybrid racing in GT3 is unfair think again, although the Prius has hybrid and a differently tuned engine, its slower than a normal GT3 in a straight line and only slightly faster in the corners so its balanced, just look at the Super GT grid at the start and end of the race, just recently the round in Suzuka the Prius may have qualified on pole position, but during the race itself due to a bad pit stop and safety car periods, the Prius finished in the middle of the pack with the class winning GT300 car being a GTR GT3, and it is not just this race at Suzuka, it has been ever since the Prius was changed to front engine that it has not been having the pace and not really showing itself to be extremely overpowered as you might think in a car that is AWD and a hybrid compared to all the other RWD cars.

Just imagine this thing in the Spa or Nurburgring 24 hours

Just imagine this thing in the Spa or Nurburgring 24 hours

What about a road version?

I just talked about selling this as a race car for GT3 but what about driving one on the road?Well lets see, for starters, I think for the engine we could in theory just take the unmodified 470hp V8 straight from the RC F and as for whether it is a hybrid or not we could just say it is just hooked up to the standard Prius hybrid batteries and motor and like the race car we could make it AWD and obviously to top it off add a nicer interior that is mandatory in all exotic and expensive cars. If Toyota is willing to make this car road legal, it will be one of the most unusual but perhaps one of the coolest cars Toyota can make.

I'm sold, where do go to order one?

Unfortunately this is the part that I say in a Jeremy Clarkson style "However, there are some problems", and the biggest problem is the fact they do not sell this openly, and that is because from what I have been able to find, this car is not actually made by Toyota, but is instead run and built by APR Racing and just uses parts bought from Toyota as per Super GT JAF GT300 rules.

The second problem is price, because its a custom made car and has a hybrid system and all the bits to make the power levels on this Prius go over 9000, I cannot imagine this car costing as much or less than the standard Lexus RC F GT3. The same thing goes for the road version, if Toyota did make a road version of this car it probably most likely would be a limited production car as cost is a big problem and although I have no doubt Toyota would be able to find some People to buy this weird car, it probably cost as much as a Audi R8 if not more, if they some how make it for a low price, you are paying a lot for what is a modded Prius in the end and I do not know how well that would go with some people. But I could be wrong, so please let me know whether I am in the comments or not or b voting below, thanks for reading.

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