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Y​ou like 80's Landcruisers? And you like Corvettes? This LC got you covered

A​ Corvette engined Landcruiser - can it get any cooler?

10w ago

T​he Land Cruiser is one of those cars that just plays the game in a league of its own. No matter if it's the 70's utilitarian 4x4, big 80's wagon style or modern hightech version - those who love it don't really care what the competition does. To support my claim - you can even buy a J70 new today in some parts of the world - without pretty much any modern features. Except Lada Niva, that's the only offroader that has a few decades lifespan without major changes.

W​hat the Land Cruiser never really had is a massive engine - I mean, they are massive, but set to be torque monsters, work horses, reliable and heavy duty. Even the modern one settles pretty low, compared to other brands' offering, just because Toyota doesn't really give a damn.

B​rian Corsetti, owning a Corsetti Cruisers restomod company, took this 80's wagon to another level. They painted it in true 80's style - the simple blue paint, cheeky stripes, brown leather and big chunky tyres - exactly as a proper analogue 80's ride should be. I think it looks gorgeous, simple yet flashy.

Of course, the original 4.2 inline-6 with 130ish PS wasn't up to the job for this Cruiser, so they chose a LS3-V8 engine from the C6 Corvette, which was available also as crate engine. Originally, the 6.2 V8 developes 436 PS and 575 Nm of torque - quite an upgrade for the LC, but that wasn't enough for the Corsetti, so they tweaked it a bit (undisclosed tweaking techniques) to a total 502 PS, mated to an automatic, which is probably a GM unit as well.

S​o - a 500 PS in a 80's Cruiser that looks as stock as it can get - that's a win in my book. I would lose this tablet thingy, but still I think it looks great. After around 2.200 hours of manwork, they charge 135.000 USD for this - hot or not, it's up to you to comment - but if I was in position to buy it besides G-Klasse, I'd go for it.

W​hat do you think?

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Comments (27)

  • I made a miss - the original 4.2 wasn't a V8 but a I6 - I'm not close to Studio at the moment, fixin' it on Monday.

    EDIT from this morning: A hit of caffeine later, I fixed it.

      2 months ago

    So they gained 68 PS but won't tell how. Easy. Bored it .60 over. Uprated fuel injectors. Wider throttle body and new MAS. I doubt it was stroked but they could have done that as well. Throw on a flowmaster exhaust and you have that much gain easy. Not rocket science these days. It's SOP.

      2 months ago
    • I'd be happy with the original crate - just s great combo IMO.

        2 months ago
    • Actually it's even easier than that to get 60 horsepower from an LS, just put a decent cam in it and it will get you there, LS engines are awesome!

        2 months ago
  • I had a 72 Bronco built up all sorts of goodies just before they became popular I sold it for 15k 12 yrs ago was looking for something similar and while mine was an old rebuilt 351 and the new ones have Coyotes the rest was comparable- and they are sometimes going to 200k. Too much man.

      2 months ago
  • THAT is a neeeaaaaaat car!!

      2 months ago
  • That LS3 is most likely a Connect and Cruise crate engine (directly from Chevy), which comes completely assembled with your choice of three automatic and one manual transmissions.

    Nothing to build just install and go. Just scroll down to see all of their crate engines.


      2 months ago