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One for my (newly found) peeps!

A few weeks ago i posted my first tentative post about some of the diecasts I collect and i got 30000 impressions and a few followers. Yowza! Then came my (much delayed - dental surgery sucks) second post and it's already at 38000 impressions after one day. For me, that's practically internet famous! Time to let my newfound celebrity go to my head and bore everyone here with some random bits and bobs of what to expect from me going forward.

First a bit of a mission statement of sorts. Collecting diecasts to me isn't wholly about gathering up a miniature garage of cars I will never, ever be able to afford. First and foremost, i'm interested in the stories that these cars can tell. Some of these stories (like the one about the Vaillante F1 are more personal in nature and thus may seem a bit inscrutable to some - and for that I apologize in advance. In other instances, like the 908 one, it's really more about the 'big picture': recounting the events that made an impression on me so as to want to plonk down my money so I can gaze upon said vehicle for many years to come. I really do want to try to put together more stuff like that, even though I feel my aptitude as a story teller is rather poor. So yeah, if you spot something where I went off on a wrong tangent, please correct me. Feedback can ultimately only be a good thing, imo.

Then there are some of the more esoteric article ideas. Currently, I'm struggling with applying tobacco sponsorship decals to one of my F1 models (A 1984 McLaren Mp4/2 - Niki Lauda, of course. He was my hero growing up) and I think while the subject is more properly covered by literally anyone with a smidgen of aptitude pretty much anywhere else on the internet, I think sharing my pain as an absolute beginner will be cathartic (I totes would love to stage a picture of the finished model on my desk with me sitting before it with my head in my hands -- it really has been kinda like that.)

Beyond that, I have some ideas for more traditional stories, such as:

"Coming To America"

Due a fortuitous recent purchase, I think I can perhaps essay a sort-of sequel to the "Ur-Evo" piece, one that isn't about "more power" so much as it is about "most power".

"If one is good..."

This is more of a long-term goal, but hey, if I'm gonna write about Porsche's american adventure, why not make it a trilogy about Porsche in the 1970s? It's as easy as 4, 5 and 6!

"Family Portraits"

I think of this as a informal series, of sorts, where I gather up some vehicles that share a common theme or origin and post lots of pictures. Some ideas I have at the moment are "The 300 SL Family"; "The Genesis of M-Power"; "Lancia Rallys" and "Group B".

"The Silver Arrows of Untert├╝rkheim"

As a kid, I read Alfred Neubauers autobiography, and it's fair to say it captured my imagination like few things before or since (I think I'd die a happy human if I found an english translation.) So as a collector, gathering up the pre-war Silver Arrows was a must (followed by the post-war ones, followed by well, pretty much everything Mercedes and racing.) That said, to mentally do this subject and do it 'right' is gonna take a lot of confidence on my behalf and while the pictorial subjects are in hand, my faith in my craft as a story teller isn't there yet. Maybe it will never materialize, but I'm hoping!

Ok, I've stroked my ego long enough. Besides, my cat is trying to sit on my keyboard and this is a contest he is so far undefeated at. So, if you've just followed me -- thank you from the bottom of my heart! But better buckle up, because the ride is just getting started.

(PS: I love suggestions for story ideas, btw. No guarantees on whether I can make them happen or not, but feel free to fire away.)

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