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YOu nEVeR KNow WhAt YoU ArE GoiNg tO gEt

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Body Doubles Needed!

When you have a HIGH celebrity status like Hammond, Clarkson and May, you may require body doubles. The three are often in high risk circumstances, be it driving hard around the track in exotics or being compromised with a bad wardrobe selection amidst a large crowd.

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You Pick Em

I have feverishly searched the Internet looking for some who may be able to pass as a look alike but I need your help. Comment with your selection from my choices or submit your own!

Let's Start With James May

Now THAT is something you don't hear often. But do you realize that James is the brilliant mind behind the group, not just the pretty boy. He is the glue that maintains the Zen in the family

source: Daily Mail Co Uk

It is pretty easy to see this in solo photo shoots when his colleagues aren't photo bombing or throwing rabbit ears in the background.

source: Daily Mail Co Uk

After seeing these pics it was pretty easy to select my top choice - Derek Zoolander

source: Esquire

With the proper attire and hair, Derek can be coached via an earpiece remotely.

Choice #2 for James May is quite a stretch but Stephen Fry on a good day may be able to cover some of the distant shots for James. Your thoughts?

source: Rebrn

During my extensive search for James May's body double, someone suggested Susan Boyle... I don't think this is very funny! Although, Susan Boyle is a handsome woman.

source: Cheezeburger.com - totallylookslike.com

Due to his unique image and social status it was difficult to find a perfect match. Please submit your finds.

Jeremy Clarkson

Now we get to the narrator of the team. Jeremy Clarkson with a voice that draws you in to the serious subject matter and then ends with a quick witted joke.

source: Thejournal.ie

Extensive search led to 60's pop artist Donovan who listed as a close match to Jeremy as a youngster.

source: oppositelock.kinja.com

Donovan above and Jeremy below

source: oppositelock.kinja.com

But how would this comparison play out later in life?

source: tmhome.com

Donovan above and Jeremy below.

source: oppositelock.kinja.com

As you can see, close match before, but no so much for the after pic. I guess some age better than others?

I did find a close resemblance during earlier research, and may have found a body double and also the answer to the question that everyone has been asking since Top Gear.

source: The Daily Mail Co Uk

Look very carefully at the above image do you notice anything? Now look at the image below, do you see the resemblance?

source: Dailyimage.com

That's right folks, I think I have finally discovered who the Stig is!

During my extensive research, someone suggested the following picture as a match. I don't think this is very funny! I also believe that the picture has been doctored!

source: The Sun

Like James, Jeremy was also difficult to find a body double. It may be that distinguishing mustache.

source: Reddit

Richard Hammond

Now for the playboy of the group, Richard Hammond.

source: autoblog.com

Hammond was pretty easy to find a match for. All I had to do was look up rock stars and found the following...

source: monkees.coolcherrycream.com sunshine factory

It's obvious that Davy Jones is a match (we were all thinking it). But alas, Davy is no longer with us. Don't fret, we have some other possibilities. How about... Hugh Jackman

source: GQ

Or maybe David Tennant

source: What's On Stage

I think we may be on the way to helping these guys out. It is our duty to protect our Drive Tribe team! Please comment with your selections or upload your better look alikes!



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