You will never believe what they did to that car. PArt 2

    Obviously you don't buy the clickbait, but you really should

    So, long story short, we've chopped the windshield and everything we can, put some fresh oil and brake fluid and installed a full roll cage. Then we loaded the car on a trailer and en route for the H.E.L.L. (Hectic Endurance in Lurcy Levis)

    An other racer offered us a nice sticker. Will you find it?

    An other racer offered us a nice sticker. Will you find it?

    The paddock is full of nice cars. Some of them were bought the day before.

    Lui is a french magazine mostly made of cheap girls and expensive gadgets, and this car pay honor.

    The day was great, most of the cars finished and we were having so much fun that it was decided to do it again. Since we already have a great car so we need to find a place to keep it until needed again. It will be a 2 hours from Paris barn. The car is still insured and the weather is great. So we go by the road.

    This time, chopping is not enought so we have to find a disguise for the car. It's red, like french firemen trucks. A blue light and a ladder later:

    I could go like this indefenitly, the car did 6 or 7 editions and numerous track days. It's an average of 800km for each and a record quite near of 1000km. With time and opportunities we give her good shocks and a nice tuning rear wing. We tried a Nascar one (yes, a real one) but it was way to many down force. We used the wheels we had around. The best configuration for me was 205/15 semi-slick in the frond and dry out 185/14 in the rear. The car was very agile with a very grippy front in the slow and thanks to the wing, we can take the right curve after the long straight flat-out at around 140kmh (we said it was a cheap race car).

    We had to change an alternator, the wheels hubs, brake pads (not that much) and oil and brake fluid once a year. Most of the price of the car was covered by selling the unneeded parts. The roll cage costed around 700€ and the second hand shocks the same. Both are going to live again in an other car, so the big one were tires. Silent blocs are now totally worn out and as it's feasable, none of us want to do it, a page is turned and the red beast is going to the miata farm were she can retire in a field full of JDMyo and drifters.

    This "not a race" have seen some great cars over the years. For exemple Mick Jagger use this car for his holidays in France.

    This car still have those stickers, years after.

    This car still have those stickers, years after.

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