You will never believe what they did to this car. PArt 1

A friend had an idea. As we can't race modern or classic car due to a lack of talent and/or money, lets make our own race. He organise track days and is in good terms with a track owner so he get the permission to use the track from 08:00 to 18:00 without lunch break.

Rules are quite simples. Is not a race. It's a Concours d'elegance on track with bonus for the distance. The car must be cheap, and odd, and rusty, no Diesel. You take points for the country of the maker, the number of cylinders, the position of the engine, special carrosserie, downgrading engine swap, car bought the day before. In short anything making the car inadequate for a track use. Find a rear engined 6 wheels italian v12 ambulance with a downgraded 4 cylinders engine and structural rust, make it run for 10 hours and you win, or not.

Being cheaps among cheapest, we decides to go for an Mx-5. Two of three on the team own one, we have loads a spare parts and know the car. And it promise good time on the track. The bad part is that we get really low points count. The answer is the thing i always dreamed to have, a real Roadster. We are going to chop the Windshield.

First the car. Mx5 aint cheap in france. England here we are. A friend stoll from us the first we've find (thanks again, it was a real turd and 5 years after he still fight with his wrench to get it properly running). The second one is the right one. 750£, red, 1.8 liter, crusty on the edges but well maintained and with a descent hood (first part out but quickly and well sold. Remainder, we are cheap).

The way back is easy and we start to work.

I'm sorry for the crappy photos.

To follow...

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