You will soon be able to drive the Porsche 917 'Pink Pig' in Forza 7

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Still playing Forza Motorsport 7? If so, July the 10th, 2018, will be a good day as a number of impressive cars are being added to the game, two of which will cost you nothing.

Representing the free content are two Porsches, the first being the flat-12-powered 917/20 'Pink Pig' from 1971, which is known in Germany as 'Der Truffeljäger von Zuffenhausen'. Something about truffle hunters, in case you were wondering.

Second up is something recent, the 991.2 RS. It is actually the console debut outing for the 520hp beast and should prove useful in a digital setting, given the fact it lapped the Nurburgring in 6:56 earlier in 2018.

Accessing the cars will come as part of two special events, Forza 7 developer Turn 10 has said, which means a little extra content for nada.

Also released on the 10th of July, 2018, is the Top Gear Car Pack. Some Forza 7 DLCs have been lacklustre, but the quality of this one is impressive. Highlights include the Ferrari 812 Superfast and the McLaren 720S.

Whether or not you choose to splurge some cash on the Top Gear Car Pack is up to you, but that and the two Porsches will help pass the time until Forza Horizon 4 arrives in October, 2018. Speaking of which, check out our hands-on with the demo.

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