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You will soon be able to trade a piece of art for a Polestar

The comeback of bartering

4d ago

Some companies offer to buy a new car and give it away without having to pay a single pound out of pocket. This is what Polestar will soon be doing for its future model, which should be available in 2022. The Swedish brand will offer a new car in exchange for a work of art.

Of course, there are some very specific conditions to be met regarding the artwork. First of all, it must have a minimum value of €150,000. In order to do this, each work of art will be examined by Theodor Dalenson, a specialist critic who has worked for several museums.

Once the exchange has been completed, Polestar will resell the work in question to other specialized houses. It should be noted that this service will be available to the brand's European and American customers. It remains to be seen whether this service will be successful among customers and profitable for the Scandinavian manufacturer.

Photo credits Polestar

Photo credits Polestar

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Comments (12)

  • Yes, because we all have a houseful of Rembrandt's laying around we can trade in for a car. :- I

      4 days ago
  • I have just valued a bit of my artwork at £400,000.

    Where is my fucking Polestar, would have expected it to be delivered by now.

    If anyone else wants a bit of my artwork, you can collect some for 20 quid.

      4 days ago
  • A piece of art for a piece of art, fair trade

      4 days ago
  • Here we are, Polestar - I'll take 2

      4 days ago
  • I'm now getting art lessons

      4 days ago