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You won't believe it, but this Ford Focus doesn't have a stock exhaust

And no, it's not an RS. Nor is it an ST.

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The Ford Focus is a popular car for car and non-car people alike, with standard models for regular consumers as well as two performance oriented models, the ST and RS for petrolheads. Being such a popular platform, the modding community for the Focus is quite diverse - so what happens when the owner of a standard Focus wants to make their car look like a performance variant?

New wheels, fenders, a massive spoiler and huge exhausts of course. The dual tail-pipes sit to the left of the rear bumper facing upwards by about 2 feet and is perhaps the most outlandish part of the build. The spoiler resembles that of the Focus RS, except with a larger flap than usual; the fender flares are bolted on, and the wheels are aftermarket.

Additionally, a Transformers Decepticon badge has been stuck onto the bootlid, and the ford emblem has received some tinting. This isn't the worst I've seen around, as if not for the massive tail-pipes, the car could probably pass by relatively unnoticed. There are definitely worse.

Credit: Reddit - HTXgearhead

Credit: Reddit - HTXgearhead

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Comments (18)

  • That man yeeted the exhaust tips of a Volvo bus into the back of a Focus.

      1 day ago
  • I can understand people personalizing a standard car. I understand slapping some nice wheels on it, maybe wrapping it. I understand building in a custom stereo. I can even understand swapping out the rear light units for something fancier.

    This however, I don't understand. I'm not claiming to have any measurable amount of taste, because if I've learned anything in life it's that my taste is poor at best- and that's okay. This Focus however... Yuck. What has the poor car done to make the owner want to maim it this badly?

      1 day ago
  • no waaaay. I'd never have guessed :O

      1 day ago
  • Bosozoku wannabe.

      1 day ago
  • Needs moar stance...

      1 day ago


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