You'd have to work 73 months to buy a Sandero in this country...

Here at DriveTribe, we have the privilege of meeting people from all around the world, each bringing unique experiences and perspectives, and we are all united by a common passion: the Renault Sandero.

For some of us, unfortunately, the Sandero is a dream harder to achieve. While in the UK you can get one if you save all your hard earned minimum wage for 6 months, in Romania you would have to live on your parents' basement and not spend a cent for 18 months to be able to afford one.

The Renault Sandero was developed in France through a partnership between Dacia Romania and the Renault do Brasil engineering centers. It was created for the Brazilian market and it was the first Renault car to be first-released outside of Europe. That does not mean that any Brazilian can live a fulfilled life driving a Sandero: it takes 56 months of hard work and no play to be able to afford an entry-level Sandero in the land of the Carnaval.

The Renault Sandero Vibe, one of the 19 versions released in Brazil.

A saddest life is the one lived by South African Sandero lovers: whopping 73 months of work are necessary to make your dreams of owning the hatch in South Africa.

If you have decided that you cannot live another year without a Sandero, you better move to Switzerland. Working 4 months (and saving it all) in a minimum wage job will get you the car of your dreams.

Sources: Wikipedia/Renault

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Comments (12)
  • šŸ¤” Somehow I need a job in the Switzerland šŸ˜‚

    23 days ago
    1 Bump
  • 1254 pounds in the UK?

    In India, it's 5280 rupees, which when converted into GBP, is 57 pounds minimum wage per month.

    We're in a worse situation.

    23 days ago
    2 Bumps
    • Yikes, Kiran. That's bad. :( I can't find info on the Sandero in India. Is it sold there?

      23 days ago
      1 Bump
    • No, the Sandero is not sold here, but if it was, it'd be priced at around 100-110 months of minimum wage, near the Suzuki Swift region.

      23 days ago


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