- Can you guess what this Enzo Canvas is made of?

You'll Never Guess What This Ferrari Enzo Canvas Is Made From!

50w ago


By Phil Bradley

This Ferrari Enzo canvas isn't your usual oil painting. No, this Enzo canvas is made of something very different. Instead of a drawing, photo or painting of the car, this canvas is more of a mosaic piece, and is made up of different coloured golf tees!

The canvas is made up of 144,000 golf tees!

Designed by the Art and Design section of a company called Voulté Motor Classics, the canvas is made up of 144,000 golf tees in 36 different colours, including 17 different shades of red. The canvas reportedly took a whopping 5 months to create, but i'm sure you can agree it looks incredibly good!

Golf tees in 36 different colours!

The Enzo was purchased by a car collector, who no doubt now has it hanging on his wall. The company can be contacted to have your own piece made, but at 5 months to create, I can't imagine the work will come cheap!

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