You'll Wish This LEGO Technic Koenigsegg Jesko Is a Real Set

It's not coming to the IDEAS set-pitching system, but this is still an impressive model

7w ago

Leaks and rumours seemingly point to a Koenigsegg debuting in LEGO's Speed Champions line of minifigure-drivable kits, but one man had already beaten LEGO to it by building a Technic supercar to rule the others.

Paul van de Bulk took well over a year to make this Koenigsegg Jesko model in LEGO's Technic system of advanced parts, and the result of the effort is a sight to behold. From the outside, PvdB nailed the silhouette, with damn near every line of the car captured perfectly thanks to Technic's (literally) more flexible parts choices. You get the dihedral doors, fully-opening engine cowl, and the ginormous dual-pylon active rear wing. Even the green accents and Swedish flag are their own parts, making for a fairly realistic representation.

But it doesn't stop there: in his Eurobricks forum post, van de Bulk also managed to fully-replicate the triplex suspension found in the rear of the actual car, and also used it up front, and six forward gears that, while lacking three more that the real thing has, is still a feat of LEGO engineering.

The video above demonstrates some of the functions and explains the gearbox setup a bit more, which only serves to drive home just how complex the build is.

Overall, the reception has been pretty good, with heaps of praises on how van de Bulk nailed every aspect of the design. And who wouldn't? It's about as good a rep as any can get at this scale, and the additional functionality helps bring the car together.

The best part? That's not all that he made.

Back in 2016, he built this version of the One:1, Koenigsegg's so-called "megacar", and it's not hard to see where the legacy lies. Between the creative panel usage for the cutouts and the 3-speed gearbox, along with other gimmicks, this model is an equally faithful recreation of the actual car.

Meanwhile, another Eurobricks builder, DugaldIC, built this Regera, a radio-controlled model with 4 L motors that directly drive the wheels much like the real thing, actual lighting, dihedral doors and even 3D-printed wheels made just for this model. It's a loaded piece of kit, and the best part is that unlike the other two, you can buy instructions for it so you can build your own if you have the parts and time.

We're still waiting for news regarding any confirmation about the next lineup of Speed Champions cars, but I reckon gawking at (and potentially building) these MOCs is good enough to hold us over.

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  • He should put it in ideas. It’s so amazing. It’s definitely gonna be a bestseller

      1 month ago
  • Would be cool if they made it, but would probably cost the same as the Chiron. Lego needs to make some more sets like the GTR and the C7 Corvette

      1 month ago
  • That really is cool

      1 month ago
  • dayum

      1 month ago