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young people and classic cars.

4y ago

So! Classic cars and young drivers... Is this a match made in heaven or a recipe for disaster?

The topic of young or new drivers having a classics for their first taste of freedom into the world may seem mind boggling to some, mainly because we normally see youth of our generation racing around in modified 1.2 Fiesta's and Corsa's. But what about those budding new comers to the driving world that want to drive straight in at the deep end? Well, I am that person.

In fact, I hate to admit it, but I don't even have my licence yet!

So, what car do I have? Something simple perhaps? No... I have a 1978 Ford Escort MK II S1600...

I recently purchased a rather nice Escort MK II from a gentlemen in wales, which was sold as a near completion project (Basically it needs a bit of paint and should be fine). I've had it for around a month and I've learnt more in that time about taking an engine apart and putting it back together in that short space of time than I have in 20 years on this planet. It's crazy to think that something so simple as a car, can help me build skills that will potentially stay with me for life!

But even then, its not JUST a car. It's a project, it's a part of my life. It's a hobby, it's an experience, it's alive... It has such character and personality that I've already built a bond with the car before I've even driven it!

The first weekend I had, I was out there working on it...

The first weekend I had, I was out there working on it...

It didn't come without its faults though... the 1300 engine was laboring so has already cost me around £60 in replacement parts. But in the long scheme of things that's nothing! When it arrived, the interior was brown and dirty with dust everywhere, so like any budding car owner would, I cleaned it inside and out and it made such a difference! The car looked fresh, and brought back to life! Even with slightly torn seats and scratches here and there, the interior was brought back to its original colour and spirit!

I am not alone either! Five out of the seven people in my immediate friendship circle all own or have owned classic cars at the age of 20 and under. Cars such as Bentley's 1967 VW Beetle! An Austin A35 and a Morris Minor to name but a few... So this begs the question... why?

Because to put it plainly, we are the new generation. We are the people that are going to grow to love these old, classic cars of a by gone era and keep them maintained. Because the reality of the fact is, someone eventually has to pass down that car to someone below them and that in itself is an amazing thing. That these car's that have given so much joy to an entire generation of people is being passed on to the next!

Bentley's 1967 VW Beetle.

Bentley's 1967 VW Beetle.

Hannah and her Morris Minor.

Hannah and her Morris Minor.

Some may argue that we're too young to understand the real joys of driving and owning these cars. To them, I say I disagree. Yes, we are young. Yes, we have far less driving experience than maybe someone who has worked and owned one for the past 30 years of their life, but that by no stretch of the imagination means that we can not enjoy and respect these cars, as much as the generation before us.

So to sum up the above, Yes, I do think that young classic car owners is a fantastic thing, and I think encouraging such interest in cars of the previous generation is important to preserving heritage and history.

But I'm just one man, your opinion may differ! If it does than you hold every right to express that as well.

Have a good day folks!

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Comments (15)

  • Great job my very first car before I could drive was a rusty old mini that I pulled to pieces in the hope of being able to restore it but with little knowledge and a limited budget it didn't budge from the garage, I then sold it to someone who knew what they were doing in order that I could buy something that had doors...... but still every now and then I think of that car and the endless hours I spent sitting in it imagining myself charging down the country lanes

      4 years ago
  • I wanted my first car to be a TR7 or MGB but my dad insisted it was a Metro

      4 years ago
  • Thanks Simon!

    Our articles have improved massively since this was posted so take a look around - I'll be putting out one in the next few days about the progress made!

    Have a good day :)

      4 years ago
  • May I add Liam, great article and a lovely reminder of the character old cars have and give us too.

      4 years ago
  • I don't know if I count as young anymore but growing up I had access to my dads mid eighties Lotus Turbo Esprit. Classic cars get in the blood and stay there! Currently working on one old Volvo and looking to get another. Projects make life better!

      4 years ago