- Exotics: Affordable edition

Young perspective: Going on a trip to watch cars…

6w ago


You have been waiting for this. You get up earliest in the morning and get ready. Camera? Check. DriveTribe merchandise? You don't have any. Good breath? Check. Good looks? Put that on hold maybe. Car info? You always have that along!

Everything as usual takes place and so the family trip commences. You are with other people, enjoying. But deep down, you know there’s something greater waiting. You sit in the rear seat of the family 1.0 and keep looking for any unusual vehicles.

Eventually, after a 100 cars that you find boring, you find a dozen Mercedes, half a dozen base model Audis, Bimmers and a lonely, riced out civic. Then you see a Veilside RX7 in the distance. Looks exactly like Han’s car. Screaming in your mind ‘full send full send’, you bring up the camera to record the moment, and it never happens. You sink down. Annoyed. But the thought of greater prizes keeps you motivated.

Stuck in traffic. We all hate it.

The perfect plan was coming into play. You had arrived at the Sea side restaurant. The clock ticks the time you wanted to see.

You’re sitting like a gentleman, looking at the calm sea, as the winds lightly caress by. Then some faint noise catches your attention. You get up, excuse your parents, although they know about it, and take big strides, thumping across the wooden deck. You merely recognize the grumble. Perhaps multiple of them, making clouds afar. Your heart increases revs as you run down to the street to spectate, with the biggest smile around. It feels heavenly. You try and recognize the cars before they arrive. “That’s a straight six sound! Must be Porsches! Murican V8!! High pitched v10! Laaambooo!!”, you say out loud. But the cars are louder. Especially the Black Mustang that parked near you. It seems like a dream, as a guy walks towards you, asking if you’d like to get in. You follow, unable to utter a word and realizing the need for the camera you have back inside. But there’s no turning back.

It was like this, but convertible too. That 5.0L V8 <3

But for one moment, the joy fades away. Your dad arrives. “The food has arrived. Where have you been! Come along!”. The car guy says something, faintly. Your foot couldn’t resist and you finally were doing it: Living the dream of revving an actual sports car! Giving a break to the stang, you once more dissolve into the glorious music others made. And so, you slowly walk away, taking a final look at the beasts. Still hearing them, going away, as you munch the awesome Italian cuisine. Your parents, are happy, that you're happy, but annoyed that you let the food wait long enough.

Yumm. Although what i ate was different, Yet lovely.

It finally was sunset and you were on your way back home. Happy and satisfied. The scale model you bought shines in the flamingo pink environment. And it comes to life with a final roar: thanks to the enthusiast, who understands. “Hope to see you again” you think, as everyone goes away, for a good sleep, or party, depending on who you look at.

Pink reflections....

I hope you enjoyed the read, if not, make sure to point the reason out. By: just a kid from Pakistan.