- Pity the SP never went into full-production. (image credit: Dave Potter)

Your chance to own the world's rarest RX-8

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The SP badge means a lot to Aussie rotary fans, it was first seen on the RX-7 in 1995, which beat Porsche at the 12-hour Eastern Creek race to claim Mazda's fourth straight 12-hour event.

SP later returned on a turbocharged version of the NB MX-5 before the head of Mazda Motorsports Australia, Allan Horsley added his magic to its four-door rotary-powered sports car, creating the RX-8 SP.

Built to take on Targa, the RX-8 SP constantly mixed it up with more exotic and powerful machinery such as the Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 911.

SP holds a special place in the hearts of Aussie Mazda motorsport fans. (image credit: Dave Potter)

Dave Potter, has been the owner of this SP for three years and we got in contact with him to learn a little more about the sports car.

He told us that compared to the standard RX-8, the SP gained a Mazdaspeed-like bodykit, a roll cage, six piston AP brakes, MCA suspension, grippier tyres and a stripped-out interior that helps bring weight down to 1200kg.

The SP looks similar to the Mazdaspeed RX-8 thanks a bodykit and rear spolier. (image credit: Dave Potter)

A Garrett turbo was also added to the 13B, which is said to increase outputs to 225kW/400Nm, although Allan Horsley never officially revealed the actual figures.

Around $50,000 has been spent on restoring the brakes, turbo and engine (among other things), which is now making between 260kW-270KW at the rear wheels.

With 270kW at the wheels, you can't say this RX-8 is lacking power. (image credit: Dave Potter)

While the original SP ran a standard RX-8 six-speed manual, this example is running a five-speed manual from an FD RX-7, which Dave says is a tougher gearbox.

It’s currently for sale at My Sportscars and while eight road cars were built, this is one of only three Targa-spec SPs ever made.

One was destroyed at Targa Tasmania and the other lives at Mazda HQ in Melbourne.

The asking price is $60,000. Pretty cheap for a race car, especially given it’s also road-registered.

If you’re interested, check it out on the My Sportscar Facebook page and give Dave a bell. Then give us a call and throw us the keys... please.

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