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Your Fantasy F1 Grid: Part 1

49w ago


The 2019 grid is going to look quite different to this year's and not all of the changes have been met with cheer. Drivers making unexpected moves and some unexpectedly finding themselves sidelined. Some are happy, some are not, and the grid isn't even complete yet!

With that, we thought you should have your say as to which driver should rightfully be in each seat next year.

How it works:

Choose your first driver from the list. The listed drivers are those who are associated with the team, either officially or who have been in talks with them - realistic prospects (mostly!).

Then leave a comment with which of the drivers you would give the second seat in each team to. Simple!


Out with the old and in with the new, Ferrari have relegated Kimi to the unofficial B team and, to partner Sebastian Vettel, have taken on youngster Charles Leclerc. In just his second season in F1, this is a pretty uncharacteristic move from the Scuderia. With Seb faltering on a few occasions this year, do you thing they replaced the correct driver?



Did anyone see Renault filling the Carlos Sainz shaped hole in the team with Daniel Ricciardo? Really? Bit of a curve ball but do you think he is the right man to partner Nico Hulkenberg? Would you have kept Nico at all?


Force India

These guys have had a hell of a year. Rescued from the brink of administration, they are a brand new team with brand new owners with their own plans for driver lineup. Checo has been confirmed and it would be bold to suggest anyone other than Lance Stroll will be in the other car. Since thats seen as all about the money, this is one of the more controversial appointments so who you would have in those positions.



Just when you thought Romain Grosjean was becoming a liability, be pulled his socks up in the second half of the season and managed to retain his seat. This is despite the fact that Haas have access to the whole Ferrari Driver Academy and then some! Then there is the ever present accusation of Kevin Magnussen being a hazard to himself and all around him. One of the most controversial pairings on the grid so would you leave it as it is?



With the apparent departure of Lance Stroll confirmed with the announcement that young Brit, George Russell, would replace him, floundering Williams need a strong team leader to drive the team forward and show their rookie the ropes. Is Sergey Sirotkin the man for the job and do you think two experienced drivers may have been the way to go?


Dont forget to tell us your second drivers in the comments!

Look out for part 2 where you can have your say on the other 5 teams and we'll collect your votes to determine DriveTribe's Fantasy F1 Grid!

[All images are official team images, sourced from each team]

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