How much do you feel you have you progressed

      So today I wanted to talk about something, how does your old Virtual tuning look today compare to when you first started. How much has you progression been, and do you feel you have progressed a lot since the first time you did do a Virtual tuning.

      As i said in previous post I have been in Virtual tuning scene for almost 2 decades now ( 20 years ) its gone by very fast and over that time I have seen progression in my Virtual tuning .

      I sadly do not have my very first Virtual tuning but i do have some of my really old ones we talking 2003-2005 here over 15 years ago now. I have thank fully progressed some since then but lately I also noticed how much my style has changed to.

      My first ever LED light Virtual Tuning.

      My first ever LED light Virtual Tuning.

      My first ever LED light Virtual Tuning.

      My first ever LED light Virtual Tuning.

      Alfa Romeo Concept

      Alfa Romeo Concept

      My main style back then was " Concepts " I kept focusing standing out of the group always trying different things and to be very different that is how I got noticed

      Toyota Celica Concept / Based on Acura RSX

      Toyota Celica Concept / Based on Acura RSX

      I have to say back then I had more creativity and I did more crazy things, very over the top probably my most crazy thing was making a Car into a Airplane, as I wanted to push my boundaries of what I could do as a Virtual Tuner, I did not want to do what others did I always tried to be different and I gained a lot of good feedback from that, but my most and maybe my worst feedback was " It does not look realistic " and this was a thing I had a issue with for a long time I wanted to create some very over the top crazy stuff, but since I kept getting realism complaints I felt I never wanted to go full out , and now these days I strive for that realism, I kinda miss my crazy oldschool days but today Realism is Key and if not your feedback will be about just that.

      My Most Crazy thing I ever did was I was in a forum competition and we had to do a Virtual tuning of back then the new Citroen C2, for me this was a very boring car and I had not a clue what do do with it, until one night I decided to go all out and create something very very different I decided to create an Air craft I had no idea what or how to do it I just went ahead with it.

      To this date its still my most cray Virtual Tuning, and I do miss my style from back then but times changes and now realism is what most people want.

      Sadly I have lost the Original Image of my Air craft, but if I find it OR of anyone has it please let me know. I will post it if I can find it

      I actually won that forum competition because of my craziness I remember many being caught of guard because of this because who in their right mind would do this right ?

      Here is some of my old school virtual tuning

      One virtual tuning I did however was very much a project of mine where I as an artist pushed my self to the absolute limit of what I thought I could achieve and that was my " Le Spirit Modele"

      Long story short , I went to the store one day I bought a KinderSuprise kit and I got a toy in that which would push even me to the brink of limit when it came to creativity. I was determine to create a virtual tuning out this very toy, it was a hotwheels looking car with strange shapes and axels.

      Little did I know it would be one of my longest and most insane projects I had ever done, this thing was an on and off process for about 2 years of mine I started it early 2004, and It was finished almos 2 years after early 2006, I believe I had over 2000 layers in Photoshop on this design and 3 different PSDs, as my laptop that I used back then barely could hold 1 psd.

      I was one of my great achievements in life, I know that sounds odd but this design would get me a lot of new clients and much more publicity that I thought would be real.

      I drew this car from scratch, out of a picture I took of a kinderegg toy, and It pushed me, both mentally and creatively, I had many different versions of this car I think the main design changed about 30 times and I also got some good help back then from A very good artist named " emrEHusmen " He was a great artist and he helped me a lot back then " " he helped me understand the way lighting and shading would work on my design.

      Here is the concept I did i 2006, IT is all brushed using a Mouse in Photoshop, no reference used All done with mind creativity only.

      concept le spirit model`e

      concept le spirit model`e


      Christer Stormark

      I noticed how much my designs changed over the past 10-15 years I hope now my style is still recognizable, but that my realism is higher. As realism is what I was struggling with the most.

      My first ever magazine Feature

      My first ever magazine Feature

      I want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you feel that you have accomplished what you wanted to do, as an Artist I feel I can never get " out trained " by that I mean, I think I can always learn more and new stuff.

      As an artist and a designer I feel I want to learn more and never stop learning. Do you feel the same way ?

      I wonder what your guys are on this matter. please share your experience.

      Do you feel your style has changed, did you follow the Virtual tuning scene, or do you feel you wanted to do your own thing ?

      And do you think you have progressed enough for what you waned to accomplish in your Virtual tuning " career "S

      And do you think you have progressed enough for what you waned to accomplish in that time you set your .?

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      • nice to hear that Gustavo =D

          4 years ago
      • I do not have my first design, I lost it over time,But without a doubt, it improves with the years.

        It used to be a hobby,But now I work with this, Making car wraps & edition of photos.

        You never stop learning, There is always some new technique, new chopper you like Or things like that.

        I still have on my pc, old chops from others, Remembering my old days of long nights in the pc editing.

        The best thing that can happen to you is to bring to reality your designs And that makes you learn new things every day.

          4 years ago
      • nice! =D Yeah my first one looked like this style to I sadly cant find it I need to look thru my harddrives, but i did a Yaris, and it was acutally not bad xD il try and see if I can find it

          4 years ago
      • My first published virtual tuning which was pretty close to when I started from 2005:

        Still my best one :^)

          4 years ago


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