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Your First Wheels

1y ago


For many kids a pedal car is their first taste of control and speed, usually before riding a bicycle.

Photo by @Brian Dafarmer #leadheads

Just look at this precious girl @Brian Dafarmer posted on Drivetribe! She's got her own mini lead sled, a convertible no less! She's rockin' the scene in style the onlookers are jealous of - will she ever tolerate owning a base subcompact? Doubtful.

Often gifted and used for years or handed down through generations, these cars may grow in sentimental value. My inspiration comes from @Brian Dafarmer 's post today about the incredible custom pedal car he built over 3 weeks for his nephew.

Photo by @Brian Dafarmer #leadheads

Customized to look like his own 1950's Mercury lead sled, with hand painted details and personalized by a mini surfboard, this soon to be 4 year old will photograph like a star on a poster the moment he gets in! If it were my child, I would probably make him wash and wax it after each use.

This summer I received a brochure for pre-orders being taken on the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S toy replica (not in the market, I declined). It was available in each of Tesla's full-size vehicle colors for that mini-me effect. The miniature versions are popular for kids of all kinds of car enthusiasts, I wonder if the recipients are equally as enthused as the givers?

"Mini Overload" posted by @Debs Sargeant #metalguru

"like father like son" posted by @Debs Sargeant #metalguru

Broken, falling apart, or taking up too much space they leave us and we go on into adulthood chasing similar thrills in our motor vehicles.

The nostalgia just in looking at one of these pedal cars remains, evoking memories and perhaps even reminding us to enjoy a simple drive in our "big people" cars. If they didn't they wouldn't make for good money as antiques and great art!

"vintage pedal cars" posted by @Debs Sargeant #metalguru

Do you have any special memories with starter wheels such as these? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW OR POST YOUR OWN STORY IN #WHATWEWANT.

Thank you so much to Brian and Debs for these and countless other inspiring posts in THE LEAD SLED TRIBE and METAL GURU, respectively.

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