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Your Guide To Getting Your Transportation Business To Be ELD Complaint

ELD or electronic logging device is a common term used in the transportation business. If you have been dealing with some companies

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ELD or electronic logging device is a common term used in the transportation business. If you have been dealing with some companies, you know the importance of this term in the market.

One of the fundamental reasons for using this device is to keep a record of the driving hours.

In simpler terms, the ELD rule is to be followed to create a safer and healthy environment for the drivers. These help the companies to track their drivers' activity, thereby managing their data and records correctly.

If you have been deciding about getting one for your company drivers, here are some essential things to check to make your transportation business to ELD compliant.

About ELD

ELD is the acronym used for an electronic logging device attached to any vehicle to record the driving time and get the appropriate records of the driver's services. Many eminent companies offer fleet management software for such devices in the market.

Among them, one can check out Samsara's services. This company works to power the economy with sustainable facilities and services.

Here you can find a plethora of options to integrate AI technology in your operations. The entire world of technology and science is ever-changing.

If you want to make a name in the market and taste success, you need to stay ahead. Also, it is crucial to know the features of ELDs before you integrate such equipment for your company's benefits.

ELD: Features To Consider For Your Business

The top-rated companies offering ELDs in the market come up with different services and facilities to cater to the needs of the clients. But choosing the right company might be a difficult task for you. Therefore, here are some features of the ELD to consider for your reference:

• Automatic Recorder

The ELDs are capable enough to record every detail at specific intervals automatically. You can get particular information about location, time, date, vehicle, motor carriers, driver details, and ID number, vehicle miles, engine hours, and many other aspects.

In the case of location details, the device might record the detail every 60-minute interval. However, the range and features might slightly differ based on the company's types of tools. In case you wonder why you need such a recorder, you can read more about the ELD rule on the Samsara website.

• User-Friendly Interface

While choosing the ELDs, you need to think from your employees' point of view as well. Your subordinates would be the professionals using these devices for their regular functions. That is why aim for the equipment that comes with easy to understand and friendly user interface.

• Training

Although these devices might be easy to install, yet some features do require technical expertise. In such situations, you need an appropriate professional to implement the equipment to get the maximum benefits from these devices.

While selecting the device or the company, make sure to get appropriate implementation and training services for your company's professionals.

• Customer Assistance

These ELDs are electronic devices that might get caught between technical glitches as well. In such conditions, your drivers might not be able to fix them to their original condition.

That is why you need appropriate customer care services from the companies selling such devices in the market. Generally, the high-end brands selling these devices offer 24*7 customer care assistance to cater to their clients' technical needs.


It is another essential aspect to consider while choosing your ELD for your business. HOS is the abbreviation of Hours of Services. You need to check whether you can get appropriate HOS and duty hours' records and use them with your smart gadgets.

• Compliance Everywhere

Companies like Samsara believe in making it easier and more comfortable for their client companies to suit their products. That is why you can find built-in hotspots within the ELDs.

The manufacturers eliminate the requirement of any cellular data services, thereby helping the drivers use the devices in remote areas.

• Reduced Costs

You do not have to invest in any e-logging software if you manage to select the ELD appropriately. That is because many top-rated companies believe in providing FMCSA-approved ELDs, which can work directly with your smart gadgets.

• Multi-Lingual

An ideal ELD must be functional with multiple languages. That is one of the critical aspects to consider while choosing the devices for your company. No matter how lucrative the deal might sound, it should be available in multiple languages.

Your driver-partners and other professionals might not be English speaking folks. But that shouldn't limit them for using the devices to the fullest. Hence, it makes sure to invest in the ones that support multiple language features.

How Does ELD Activity Work?

Generally, the ELDs, after installation, keep on recording the status of the vehicle motion, the number of miles driven, and other details periodically at an interval of 60 minutes. These devices can produce graphs of the daily duty status of the drivers.

The companies can print these for closer inspection as well. Also, these devices are explicitly designed to be tamper-proof. It is quite beneficial for the company as the driver-partners cannot erase or even alter the data recorded on the devices.

How to Be ELD Compliant?

According to the mandate, every transportation company needs to keep RODs or records of duty services. To become an ELD compliant, you need to provide the appropriate documentation to the concerned drivers.

Along with that, you need to integrate high-end ELDs in your vehicles without fail. Some of the essential documentation required are:

• ID proofs of the driver

• ELD manual

• Information sheet depicting the data records of the ELDs

• The information sheet that clearly explains the technical glitches behind the malfunction of these devices

• A sufficient supply of blank RODS spreadsheets

These informative documents are essential for the driver-partners as well as the transportation company. Drivers can use these devices directly or connect to the virtual machines through Bluetooth connection as well.


These are some of the highlighting details of the ELDs. If you want to flourish in your transportation business, it is time for you to integrate these systems at once.

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