Your Turn Signals Exist For A Reason. Here's One Of Them

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Before the comments come in about how the motorcyclist was driving in the Bus Lane please note that in Australia, lanes marked or sign-posted by "Bus Lane" are primarily meant for buses but also can be used by these vehicles:

"Taxis, Hire cars (but not rental cars), Motorcycles and bicycles, Emergency vehicles, Special purpose vehicles and vehicles also operated by or under the direction of Roads and Maritime Services."

The motorcyclist was completely in the right for traveling along the Bus Lane, however, that doesn't make it easier for drivers to spot them, especially if they're traveling in the car's blindspot. This is why you should ALWAYS use your turn signals whenever you plan on making a turn or a lane change. Just because you don't see anything behind you doesn't mean there's nothing back there.

Had the white Hyundai used their turn signal to enter the fueling station, the motorcyclist would have had ample time to slow down and avoid the entire situation. Instead he has now dropped his bike in a violent fashion and have probably bruised/broken/shattered some bones in his body.


Maybe the Hyundai driver ran out of blinker fluid.

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Comments (5)
  • He had ample time to avoid the collision...Yes she should have used her signal, but you can see from the video she's turning long before he gets to her. He has gears and brakes, learn to use them, and maybe his eyes too...

    10 months ago
  • Why does he drive in the bus lane, he doesn't look like a bus

    1 year ago


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