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You're almost ready to go racing, but there's one more thing: What fuel delivery method will you use?
  • Carburetor: easily serviced, dependable, fool-proof
  • Electronic Fuel Injection: Because it's the future beep boop beep

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  • Carbs are your friend!

      1 year ago
  • There's always a fail point. That's the challenge and the fun! You can carry alternate or spare ECU's, the same way you can carry alternate or spare carbs.

    I've rebuilt and tuned carbs on cars and motorcycles. I enjoyed it. I've only pulled and analyzed sensor data readouts from my cars, not tweaked the systems. I'm surprised how "dialed in" my car is.

      1 year ago
  • Fuel Injection - always. Since you're showing an old car, mechanical fuel infection. Once you start getting into electronic ignition, FI starts making more sense to optimize the entire system.

    No clue why people think carbs are simple. Even a simple 1 barrel has multiple jets. Those jets are for a limited operating environment range. For instance: a change altitude can require a change of jets for optimum performance. Then there's the "fun" of balancing multiple carbs.

    With electronic FI, you can tap into the onboard system with a computer and modify the programing. The amount of parameter data you can (re)view can be staggering.

    Get carbs wrong and you can get a carb backfire. Nothing says "fun" like igniting a fuel fog under your hood.

      1 year ago
    • And nothing says "Oh crap" like the laptop dying and now your tune-up is doomed and any problem cannot be corrected. Electricity is convenient, but easily compromised as well.

        1 year ago
    • Valid point, however the chances of something like that aren't common and purely fall on the user's inattentiveness. EFI is pretty reliable, not to mention instant fuel delivery and adjustment. I enjoy carbs too, but there's a reason...

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        1 year ago


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