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You're gonna like this: McLaren OnePlus 6T(Yes, it's a phone)_

Remember the BlackBerry Porsche P9981? This is kinda sorta like that. But more of it. And probably a lot better. And cheaper.

So, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei drove a McLaren 720s once. Apparently he liked it. So then he went back to OnePlus HQ and said, "Guys, we gotta make a McLaren smartphone."

And they did.

The McLaren OnePlus 6T has a 4-litre V8... no wait. That's wrong. What I meant is it's got 10GB of RAM, which is kinda sorta like having a 4-litre V8. It also has 30W fast charging. Which I guess I kinda sorta like having -many a lot super much horsepowers-. It also has 256 GB of available storage space, which I guess I kinda sorta like having a lot of space for luggage in the boot/trunk. And it's orange.

It costs $699 in the US, 699/709€ in Europe and £649 in the UK, which means it is the most expensive phone OnePlus has made to date. Which also makes it a damn sight cheaper than several products made by competition.

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