- Inconsiderately parked sports car hides beefed up undercarriage of the 27.

Yours for £999,995

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Cheshire Classic Cars, who are selling the yellow Countach shown elsewhere on this tribe, are also selling this tatty MiG 27 project.

Although definitely still in the 'would suit enthusiast' sector of the classic market, this 27 has already benefitted from extensive work, including (according to the seller's website) 'Bespoke hand-formed aluminium bodywork with exposed rivets' and 'a specially modified engine'.

Not to be confused with the related and visually similar MiG 23, the MiG 27 was a dedicated ground-attack aircraft. Clues to identification start with a differently shaped nose and simplified air intakes. More perverted plane spotters will also point to a strengthened undercarriage legs and provision for more varied weaponry on the wings.

I hope this really is a 27 and not a 23 or I'm going to look like a right bellend. The orange TVR shown in the picture is also for sale.

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  • In Mother Russia, plane buy you.

    2 years ago
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  • Disappointed, James. You've left out the fact that it was owned by Lord Aerobore and only flown on Sunday raids and special occasions.

    2 years ago
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