YouTube Learnings Top 10

Below is a top 10 list of things I’ve learned since doing a 'hobby' car YouTube channel:

29w ago

10- Reactolite or ‘transitions’ glasses (which I wear all the time) will look like sunglasses 😎 . People don’t like that. I get it now. Folks want to see your eyes 👀

9 - How to pronounce Porsche. It’s Por-sha, 2 x syllables. Fk it I prefer Porsche 1 x syllable.

8 - Don’t chew gum it looks terrible on camera.

7- Smile more, even men get RBF and from someone with an embedded forehead frown this isn’t going to endear you to the audience. Love your ugliness.

6 - Be yourself. Even if yourself is: dry, drab, acerbic and sarcastic. What can I say I was brought up in the North! I tried the cheesy, over the top, super smiley me and guess what? It wasn’t me. Be yourself. The self help books say so.

5- People are mean. Really mean. More so it seems on YouTube than any other platform. Dare to express an opinion on a YouTube video and you will get lovers and haters but mostly haters. I know I should probably ignore them and I used to but sometimes I do feed the trolls until I get bored of them. It’s an extension of the hobby and outlet for the acerbic wit and sarcasm. Troll at your peril but bite back at your pleasure

4- Go Pros fall off cars. Even when you think the thing is super stuck on. It isn’t.

3 - Getting the audio right in a video is as hard as anything else involved in making a video, from mics 🎤 to syncing to levelling it all out. It’s tough.

2 - Getting positive comments from people who have made car buying decisions based on your video is pretty cool. It sort of makes it worthwhile.

1 - Scripting a video is fun but my goodness me reading it back and making it sound natural like it’s the first time you’ve said it is effectively acting. This is hard. Really hard. For anyone who’s ever wished to be on TV. Who’s ever thought ‘that looks easy’ or he’s only a tv presenter. Trust me. You have no idea. YouTube is an almighty open platform of talent (good and bad) with nowhere to hide. It’s fun, scary, intimidating, costly, rewarding, time consuming, exciting & you never stop learning!

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