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Y​ouTuber installs Rolls Royce starlight headliner for $500

H​ow to get the iconic Rolls Royce option for cheap

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I​n the car world there are many iconic features, whether it be the solid silver Bugatti logo, or even the Mercedes three-point star. However, few are as expensive as Rolls Royce's signature option, the $17,000 starlight headliner, which mimics the effect of a stary night by using of 1,300 fiber-optic cables, hand woven into the headliner.

R​Rolls-Royce Motorcars

R​Rolls-Royce Motorcars

H​owever, enterprising YouTuber and owner of Gotham Dream Cars (supercar rentals) decided that his $1,000 Mercedes needed this option. However, although this man is the proud owner of many a supercar, he wasn't exactly ready to shell out 17 times his car's value for some twinkly lights.

So, late at night he was browsing Facebook Marketplace, when he came across an ad which said that for $600 you to could have a "bespoke" starlight headliner put into your car's headliner. Now, to be fair Rob did say that he was a bit drunk at the time, but he bought it anyways.



A​ few days later two guys showed up to his supercar-strewn warehouse to work on his $1,000 Mercedes. Now, to their credit for $600 they did a damn good job, each fiber-optic cable was indeed hand-woven into the aging Mercedes's headliner.

N​ow, while the finished result wasn't exactly like what Rolls Royce would get you, it looks pretty decent, especially when you consider that it was about 29 times cheaper to do it this way. However, as you might expect when you get up close it does have some rough edges. For example, some of the lights do dangle out a bit, and could use a bit of a trim.

R​olls-Royce Motorcars

R​olls-Royce Motorcars

N​ow, to be fair Rolls Royce do have some truly incredible options when it comes to customizing your lights. For example, they will arrange your lights to match the night sky as it was at a certain place and date in time. And if you aren't a fan of static lighting, you can even get your starlight headliner to mimic a shooting star.



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Comments (6)

  • This somehow reminds me of the blinged-out tuk-tuk that gave me a ride to the airport in Sri Lanka in January. The owner was clearly very proud of it, and rightly so... he had given it incredible lighting and stereo sound special effects, and I'm sure it was all on a shoestring budget. He mentioned in passing that he was a member of the nearby Catholic church... the same church that was blown up a few months later by terrorists. :-( I still think of him and hope he's ok.

      10 months ago
    • it wasn't a blinged-out-tuk-tuk, it's the Mercedes Class-A.

      Having the ambient lighting of a 80's chinese restaurant (or Thai brothel, depending on your personal referential, I don't judge) wasn't enough. Now they decided to add some...

      Read more
        10 months ago
  • That`s why DIY should be the norm if you want to build an awesome car. Today we have too much cars with aftermarket parts and kits built by teams of people instead of just a couple guys on their garage.

      10 months ago
  • Lol shame

      10 months ago
  • WHY? Even if I bought a new Rolls Royce, I'd delete the ghastly tat. No white seats. No 'piano black' dashboard. No freaking shelf of 'ornaments'. I'd want burr walnut veneer, subtle-red leather seats and a lid over the glove-box where some pillock thought their continental customers, with zero class, might want to display their nouveaux riche geegaws.

      10 months ago


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