Youtuber Salomondrin is selling all his sports cars

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The Automotive Youtuber, Salomondrin has decided to put all his supercars up for sale following the recent fire he experienced with his brand new McLaren Senna last week. The recent fire has affected his outlook on supercars and therefore wants some time away from them.

He has even put his Porsche Carrera GT up for sale which is the one car he has always said he will never sell and got resprayed a couple of years ago in the famous Ruby Stone Red.

This is a very sad time for Salomondrin and it definitely can't be easy for him to let them go. This does make me wonder what will come of his Youtube channel as it revolves around his amazing car collection.

He released these photos on his Instagram:

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  • An important thought came to my mind... apart the fact that he says that "in a normal car I can see the engine in front of me" yet he still sells a front engine car in the lot, so this argument doesn't really makes sense.

    So the question is, I see a lot of people hating on this guy for selling his cars, and this is really important to me that I know... why would we care ?

    Everyone sold cars in his life, why is he a piece of shit for selling his cars? The only thing that results of this action is to make more exotic cars available to buy. The fuck is wrong with you people.

    7 days ago
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    • And following is argument, is going to sell the AMG GT-R. Whait!!! The engine his in front of him.

      7 days ago
  • theres gonna be a lot of commenters calling him out: but i watched the video and he is greiving. when you have a loss the last thing you want is to replace exactly what you have with another one or it will be a reminder.

    so he will be looking for a new challenge. otherwise h is replacing like for like.

    7 days ago
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