Zenvo TSR-S

Limited Exclusivity and one regiment’s horses to play with

Since the birth of the McLaren F1 the exclusive supercar category has been dominated by the motorsport “establishment”. With a growing market for the power and aerodynamics that only companies involved in motorsport can deliver, this niche has been populated by some of the most recognizable automotive icons. Almost three decades later, these icons are perhaps too recognizable to lure in the Ultra High Net Worth enthusiasts wishing to differentiate themselves, with top performance and a uniquely styled hypercar. That’s where Zenvo comes into play…

Zenvo Automotive A/S, the Danish high-performance automotive company, has unveiled its new model at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show.

The Zenvo TSR-S is positioned between the company’s TS1 GT car and its racetrack-bred sibling, the TSR, combining phenomenal on-road capabilities, with admittedly ultimate exclusivity.

In numbers, this exclusivity is translated to a limited production of just five cars a year! In terms of exclusive features, the Zenvo TSR-S (‘S’ for street legal, NOT sport) is set apart from rivals with the incorporation of manually-adjustable performance settings, including a variable power output. Moreover, the unique dual gearbox set-up can switch between a standard road gearbox configuration and a brutal mechanical direct power-shift race set-up delivering a genuine race car experience on the track.

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