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Zero Emission Britain

52w ago


The average age of vehicles on the road in 2017 was 8.1 years, so if the ban was brought forward to 2032, petrol and diesel cars would be few and far between come 2040. I'm not too sure how I feel about this but I'm sure we all have our concerns.

Firstly, road tax and fuel. Road tax is money we pay to the government in order to allow us to use the roads. The amount we pay is dependent on how much carbon dioxide the vehicle emits. Fuel is fuel. According to the Guardian, duties on petrol and diesel add up to almost £28bn a year. My question. Once we have all ditched our fuel burners, what new tax will they come up with to fill this £28bn whole? Not sure I want to find out. 'Better the devil you know', I say.

For me, there are a few key factors that make an enjoyable drive; one of which is sound. Nothing gets me going more than the noise a car makes when hitting the high revs. It lets me know the car is just as pumped as I am! How can I possible get excited by putting my foot down when the only reward I get is a high pitched whooshing sound? Yes, I know electric cars have the potential to accelerate at an alarming rate but those that are capable enough are too expensive for most road users....including myself.

Also, does anyone know if this ban included hybrids? Thanks to cars like the LaFerrari, the 918 and the P1, hybrids are now mildly respectable and I've promised myself that that's as far electric as I'm going to go. I don't see myself going full electric as I'm not yet convinced by the silent killers (my nickname for electric cars as I've almost been run over due to failing to hear the thing hurling down the road....my fault really).

Finally, I believe the MP's are ignoring the cons relating to the production of electric vehicle batteries. The Lithium-ion cells hold the a charge longer than its predecessors but they rely on a limited supply of rare-earth metals, which are environmentally hazardous to mine. Oh, and let not forget that these batteries are incredible reactive and could potentially explode if damaged in a car accident. Thanks, but no thanks.


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