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How joy sticks turn into stick shifts

4y ago

Hey everyone I would first like to Introduce myself and explain my journey on how I went from driving a Toyota Tercel Wagon, you may recognize it from Breaking Bad, to being a 2 time owner of a Subaru Impreza Wagon.

Journey really starts as all things do when a young man likes sports cars... Video games.

You all may have heard of a little game called Gran Turismo, the game that will make a stubborn nerd yell at a screen for being off by .001 second of a target for gold.

Gran Turismo 6 Screenshot

Gran Turismo 6 Screenshot

A side from learning frustration and a few good car facts along the way. Gran Turismo is a gate way drug into the car culture. Another gateway drug you quickly learn is that the Miata is the perfect car (from a nerdy and automotive aspect) in Gran Turismo...

"Miata is always the answer"


But Gran Turismo does a bit more...It creates envy.
Envy for other Cars we never got to see in the US.

Skylines, Impreza GC8 Turbo, Early Evos, Type R cars...all these cars were teased to us in Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo led me to buy a 1991 Miata which was pictured previously. It was leaking oil on it's last leg when I sold it and was itching for another fun real world sports car and that's when the Impreza became the answer. The Impreza has AWD, seats 5, and It's just down right cool just looking at it in a way a Miata wasn't.
I got my first 2006 Impreza Outback. I loved this stinking car and as a 5 speed who could argue with how cool it is.

2006 Impreza Outback Sport

2006 Impreza Outback Sport

So here is where my never ending Subaru Story continues...I now drive a 1999 Impreza L wagon with only 81k Miles. The 2006 fell into some problems with oil getting into the cylinder and frankly I love the GF chassis' styling better. I do miss the modern touch of the 06 but that car looking back is like Pop Music where as the 99' is like driving Nirvana.

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