Zeus Twelve Sigma – Gift From The Gods...Sort Of

Is it a track car? Is it a supercar? Is it...no...it can't be?

3y ago

If you're going to name your supercar after a God, you're going to need to be fairly confident that it's a bit bloody special – and certainly not a car that inspires a metaphor involving the word "shit".

On the face of it, the car you see before you appears to be a rather refreshing face in supercar-land. It's called the Zeus Twelve Sigma, and apart from looking like a Transformer that's in the middle of Transforming, it's a supercar penned by Swedish company Gray Design, who specialise in unique luxury vehicle concepts for the super-rich.

We can presume the aforementioned super-rich person whom this was designed for is something of a Billy-onaire-No-Mates, because rather than an interior, the Sigma appears to have simply a cockpit for one. And given the bodywork that runs down either side of the cockpit, getting in and out will require either the mother of all leg-overs, or treading on the actual car itself.

The Sigma amalgamates features of both lightweight track cars, and supercars. It's trying to have something resembling a body – and a face – but not too hard. There are still plenty of gaps where air can travel and flow, which you would presume was for the benefit of creating downforce. But there's one little problem with this car: it's not actually real.

When it was first shown as a virtual concept back in 2013, the company behind it said that it would be powered by a rather simple engine: a 2L 4-cylinder from a Caterham. It was never mentioned if the engine would receive either turbo or supercharging – but considering the power was said to be 335bhp, resulting in a 180mph top speed, we can safely say it wasn't going to be normally aspirated.

But then Gray Design changed their mind. They didn't want the Sigma to be a petrol powered car anymore: they wanted it to showcase the future of electric racing. The problem is however, in order to fulfil that objective, the car has actually got to exist. Don't think they thought of that one (!)

Under electric power, Gray Design says the Sigma would produce 630 horsepower, and 600lb-ft of torque. But once again, this is all just pie in the sky unless they actually make the car a reality.

The phrase "it's easier said than done" comes to mind when thinking about the Sigma. It's certainly a nice design, and personally I'd like to see it come to be under the power of internal combustion. But the chances of that happening are virtually nil. Referring back to how I started this blog: I guess that we must unfortunately describe the Sigma as bullshit.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Photo credits: Gray Design

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  • No one writes better introductions than this guy 👌👍😂👏

      3 years ago
  • As I just posted somewhere else on DT: computer screens and press releases accept anything, including bullshit.

      3 years ago