- Zsolt David Szabó - Hungarian racing driver

Zsolt Szabó continues his preparations with a new partner

Zsolt Dávid Szabó is currently in the process of preparing himself to return to the racetrack as prepared and confident as possible. The young Hungarian racing driver was forced to skip this season, as he had to concentrate on completing his university studies, which was successfully completed, so the racer could officially call himself a vehicle engineer.

Another significant milestone came in Zsolt's career. This is the arrival of a new partner.

"It is a huge pride for us to announce that we are joining forces with Fornetti, Hungary's largest and most successful bakery company," said Zsolt.

The world famous international corporation is proud of its Hungarian origin and considers it important to highlight domestic talent. At the same time, support for sick children is a priority for the company.

The products of this highly market-leading company are consumed daily by nearly 1 million people worldwide. And now Zsolt Dávid Szabó is the face of this iconic company.

“I'm so happy that Fornetti chose me as an ambassador. That means I'm on the right path in my career. I am pleased to be able to promote the brand with my future success. We have many plans and ideas on how to make the most of the period ahead. I will do my best to meet this huge task… "- said the 23-year-old driver.

We will soon provide more information and interesting facts about the Fornetti & Zsolt joint project. In the meantime, follow Zsolt for his backstage secrets.

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