5th Wheel

5th Wheel

Not 5th, really, just the spare one. Waiting for its moment of glory.


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      • Reposted from Godron's Garage by Petar Fartbookowski

        Citroën SM Michelin Proto: 300 HP ghost from the past

        A custom widened body, tuned engine, and topping out at 285 km/h - the SM Michelin is one mean machine

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        Rimac reveals gorgeous C_Two California Edition

        Now the electric hyper car is even more special!

      • Reposted from Defining Drives by Petar Fartbookowski

        CHALLENGE: Name a better-looking car...

        Is the Lamborghini Miura SVR the greatest-looking car of all time? HINT: Yes.

      • Reposted from Hammond's Fob Jockeys by Petar Fartbookowski

        Incredibly, the bike correctly identified by many Drivetribers as a Honda CBX1000 made it home last night. So...

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        Reposted from Vintage Racecars by Petar Fartbookowski

        Milano via M+W

        Morris+Welford's 1957 Alfa 1900C SS Zagato in their recently-opened Newport Beach facility

      • Reposted from The Ferrari Tribe by Petar Fartbookowski

        The Ferrari 643 - What a Beauty!

        In my mind, Ferrari’s 643 is a masterpiece of design. It’s a car that can be viewed from any angle and produce...

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        Reposted from Vintage Racecars by Petar Fartbookowski

        As seen at Limerock CT during the Historics event last weekend. In July 1962 this car was shipped to the deale...

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        Reposted from Vintage Racecars by Petar Fartbookowski

        Very loud Ford Capri RS 3100 Broadspeed at Spa

        Just another day of hunting it's prey

      • Reposted from Manomtr.com by Petar Fartbookowski

        Jordan Griska and his incredible “Wrecked” Mercedes-Benz

        Artist Creates “Wrecked” Mercedes-Benz from 12,000 Pieces of Reflective Steel By Jessica Stewart

      • Reposted from Sam Moores by Petar Fartbookowski

        Pedal to the metal in F40 BLU

        Loud noises, flames, one of the best drives of my life

      • Reposted from Vintage Modders by Petar Fartbookowski

        Absolute elegance,refinement,comfort and performance. The Maserati A6GCS Berlinetta . It also happens to be on...